Crafty Resources

Here are great resources to help find lesson’s or ideas!  (one of the larger online teacher professional development communities.) (great source of teaching videos) by the Public Broadcasting System)  (professional development) (Lesson Plans) communications tool for teachers– student response system for use in the classroom (Sharing ideas instantly) (Create and post podcasts) (Teacher Friendly Facebook) 😀

Kurzweil is a text-to-speech program that presents additional visual and audible clues.







Multimedia Web 2.0 cartoon generator  another fast & quick way to make animated videos– Twitter based service allows for 6 second looping videos

Digital Storytelling  Center for Digital Storytelling  educational uses for digital storytelling  practical classroom management strategy

Video Sources Youtube has its own educational channel with links to many videos  similar to Youtube, but designed for teachers another educational video website; focus is on sharing student work Links to many sites- some new sites, some familiar ones


151 Leading Sites for Elementary Teachers (from Elementary Education

20 Great Websites for Elementary Teachers (from Edudemic)

25 Best Websites for Teachers (from Scholastic)



The following links and files below are very helpful for teachers.


Downloading/Conversion Software

Screen Capture Software

Online Presentation 

Whiteboard Resources

Fifty Ways to Tell a Digital Story

Audience Interaction


Eight Guidelines from Ohio Education Association. Read, discuss and assess using CPS (Classroom Performance System). fast and free graphic organizer home of The Wayback Machine, among other things American Library Association Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning   shrink over-sized URL’s to manageable levels  Google’s blogging program (does not work through the WOU server) Blogging platform that we will use this term  fast and easy Internet application for posting short messages blog reputation tracking site-– sample parent  letter for student blogs highly secure classroom blogging platform for K-12 students- it does have subscriber fees free site to create professional online surveys


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