Slice of life Post

My two dogs ,Bebe and Tilly, are my parents favorite dogs. They have loved them for many years. But the funny thing is that we have had Tilly for 11 years now, and Bebe arrived about half a year ago. Tilly was always a quiet dog for most of her life. Bebe is a yorkie puppy with lots of energy. Bebe has changed Tilly. Tilly is now loud and barks whenever she hears any sound because Bebe does the same thing. Bebe has caused our quiet old Tilly to be loud and insane and has turned her into a spaz! I advise you to never get a puppy that is loud when you have an old quiet dog. That quiet dog will become a loud barking dog! That is a little slice of my life! Have a good Crafty Learning Day!


2 thoughts on “Slice of life Post

  1. I have two basset hounds. My old girl, who will be 14 in February, is the loud one. She barks for attention, as snack, whatever she needs. Lucy, who is 8, is silent but deadly. She only barks when she is playing fetch really hard, and then it is one sharp bark & back to business.

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