mobile creativity?

Mobile learning is something that needs to be embraced in this day and age. Every child has access to a phone more than they have access to a computer. Teachers need to know that mobile learning isn’t bad. Its helpful for those that can’t afford a computer to be allowed to use their phone. Phones can be very useful so lets embrace them and be creative with them.

With every type of learning there are pros and cons. Mobile learning has some pros and coms that teacher should know about. The article “Mobile Devices for learning, what you need to know” explains what every teacher needs to know before embarking in the world of mobile learning.  The cons of mobile learning include phones being a distraction. But they funny thing is that most things are a distraction. The pros for using a phone is that they have so many resources available on them to use. They are also compact and don’t take up as much space as computers.

The best way to use mobile learning in elementary schools is to see that most of your students have cell phones by know and to use them to your advantage. If you need to remind students of homework there are sites that will send texts to each of your students reminding them. There are apps that can help students see how they are doing in school, even parents can see it too. Technology is a resource so use it.

Podcasting is something that could be used to let parents know what is going on in the classroom without having to come into the class everyday. Its a great resource for teachers to use to let their students feel included in the lessons.


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