Application Evaluation

I will be evaluating the site as something I could use in my lesson plans as a teacher.

I am evaluating this site for a 5th grade class learning about the life cycle of a frog.

1) This site is made to allow presenters to create a presentation in a new interactive way. It allows presenters to take their audience through a journey of a topic. It moves around and zooms in allowing the audience to feel like it is a movie rather than slides. This site would allow my 5th graders to follow the path that a frog takes during their life.

2) The standards (NET-S) that this site could help to achieve would include:

– Creativity and Innovation

+Create original works as a means of personal or group expressions

-Technology operations and concepts

+Select and use applications effectively and productively

3) Prerequisites

Before using this site a student must be able to:

-Know the basic functions to use a computer

-Experience using a program like this one; such as PowerPoint

-Know how to find images online and copy and paste them to tell a story.

4) Strengths:

-Site is Organized

-has templates already set up

-saves the presentation on website for easy access from any computer

-students can share with other classmates

-Bias Free

-easy reading

-Good quality and reliable

5) Limitations:

-Must pay to get unlimited customization

-Not much memory available on the website to save to

6) I would guess that this site was intended for ages 12+ (only 1 year/grade higher than my 5th graders)

Overall review: This site would be great for my students because they will be presenting their ideas of the Life cycle of a frog. Prezi would be great because they can take the rest of the students in class through a journey. This website would allow my students to present In a fun creative way that keeps the rest of the students engaged.


One thought on “Application Evaluation

  1. We used to teach Prezi explicitly in this course, but have moved away from it over the years as more and more people became familiar with it. I think your use of it in the frog life cycle project could raise student engagement. Nice lesson plan.


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