Multimedia Craftyness

I have to tell you that Multimedia is one of those things that all teachers should start using. It is a way for you students to learn things by doing it themselves. For example, they can use video cameras to shoot a breaking alert story on the frogs growing in their classroom. By giving them these tools they can be creative in a way that they love. Kids love to take pictures and videotape themselves. Why not have them learn in a way that they love or in a way that benefits their creative side.

Parents are a huge part in a child’s life. Why not give them a way to see exactly what their children do in school? Set up a podcast for your classroom. Have the children take turns recording what they will be doing that day. Let their parents hear them get excited about what they are doing. Even though they might be at work or at home. Podcasts are a great way to keep your student’s parents on track with what is going on. It is also another way to keep your children on track. You can post assignments on the podcast website through a visual podcast(can’t remember the name haha). Podcasts are a great way to keep in tough with everyone.

Another great type of multimedia is Web 2.0 programs like youtube. This is a great place to post videos of the children, as long as you ask permission first if the children are below high school. Children have the creativity to do anything they want when they have multimedia at their fingertips. Teachers need to realize that multimedia isn’t just for the children of this generation, its for the adults of the past generations too. So pick up your cameras and your microphones and your video recorders and start to  have some creative moments with the children. They will love you for it.


Great place to post stories




Application Evaluation

I will be evaluating the site as something I could use in my lesson plans as a teacher.

I am evaluating this site for a 5th grade class learning about the life cycle of a frog.

1) This site is made to allow presenters to create a presentation in a new interactive way. It allows presenters to take their audience through a journey of a topic. It moves around and zooms in allowing the audience to feel like it is a movie rather than slides. This site would allow my 5th graders to follow the path that a frog takes during their life.

2) The standards (NET-S) that this site could help to achieve would include:

– Creativity and Innovation

+Create original works as a means of personal or group expressions

-Technology operations and concepts

+Select and use applications effectively and productively

3) Prerequisites

Before using this site a student must be able to:

-Know the basic functions to use a computer

-Experience using a program like this one; such as PowerPoint

-Know how to find images online and copy and paste them to tell a story.

4) Strengths:

-Site is Organized

-has templates already set up

-saves the presentation on website for easy access from any computer

-students can share with other classmates

-Bias Free

-easy reading

-Good quality and reliable

5) Limitations:

-Must pay to get unlimited customization

-Not much memory available on the website to save to

6) I would guess that this site was intended for ages 12+ (only 1 year/grade higher than my 5th graders)

Overall review: This site would be great for my students because they will be presenting their ideas of the Life cycle of a frog. Prezi would be great because they can take the rest of the students in class through a journey. This website would allow my students to present In a fun creative way that keeps the rest of the students engaged.

Fun activity with class!

Here we had to grab a picture of a word that describes an emotion.

I got the word Disregarded.

Here is the story that me and 2 other classmates made by switching computers and writing parts of the story. Absolutely hilarious!


There once were these three girls who were excited to start their evening at New York fashion week. The got all dressed up and excited. They posed next to a pretty building for a picture. While at the same time they disregarded the poor man sitting on the stairs with his shoes off rubbing his back. They went on to New York Fashion week without even blinking an eye towards the poor man.

As they walked away the old man smiled, he was actually was an old wizard who gave magical powers to all that regarded him or acknowleged his existence. He disguised himself as a sad homeless man so that he may only bestow these powers onto those who were pure of heart and did not judge. He knew that the foolish fashion fiends were off into their ridiculous night and that their night would be something that they could have had an even better night if they had only acknowledged his presence.

Well the night went off just as the girls had thought it would. It was awesome being apart of fashion week! After a photo-shoot, they attended an after-party where they thought they were sharing drinks with Johnny Depp. What they didn’t realize was that the wizard had disguised himself as Johnny Depp.