TPACK hehe :)

I have to make a lesson plan for my ED 270 class, so here it is, enjoy!

TPACK Lesson Plan

A)Analyze Learners

-Class is made up of mostly females with a hand full of males. All students are presumed to have college level reading and writing. All students are presumed to have a love for teaching. ED 270 students are presumed tired because of early class time.

-Students are expected to not know anything about TPACK

-Everyone seems to enjoy discussion and hands on activities and comfortable with use of MAC computers.

  1. S) State Standards and Objectives

– Given internet resources, ED 270 students will summarize, analyze, and critique the TPACK framework using a format of their own choosing.

  1. S) Select instructional strategies, tech, media, and materials.

– I will have students view the video “TPACK for improved Teaching” to summarize what TPACK stands for (http//

– Students will then be directed to get into groups of four and search the web and find information on a subtopics that I have assigned. The topics will be either content knowledge, pedagogy knowledge or technology knowledge. Example sites:

– Students will then create a 5 min presentation about their knowledge section and how it relates to teaching. They must go in depth and give examples.

-I will draw a Venn diagram on a big piece of poster paper and students will fill in their different knowledge sections that were assigned. Once it is put together the students will sit and discuss how a teacher can combine all three knowledge’s to create the TPACK framework.

-Students will then go online and make a blog post that explains what goes in the middle after a class discussion has occurred. They will also explain in their blog post how they feel about the TPACK framework and whether or not they feel comfortable using it and how it can benefit them as teachers.

  1. U) Use Technology, Media, and Materials

-Preview the video/ make sure link works

– Make sure computers in class will work

– Have poster paper and markers for students

– Make sure students all have a blog and understand how to use it

– Be ready to answer any questions

  1. R) Require Learner Participation

-each student must present at least one idea about their knowledge subtopics.

– must write a blog post about analyzing and critiquing the TPACK framework

– students will post one new thing they have learned on a classroom pallet

  1. E) Evaluate and Revise

– I will check padlet and make sure what each student has written correlates with what they presented and what they wrote in their blog post and what we discussed.


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