Is there really a need for Standards?

When I think of my future students in my classroom, I see kids who are inspired to do more, to be more. I see students who look up to me as their teacher. I see my students mimicking what I do. Maybe even calling me their hero.

But let say, for example, that a student walks into my room and sees that I don’t use electronics in my room. The kids of this century are considered Digital Natives. They were born with technology around them. Many of them will probably have been taught how to read and write on a digital device. By not following the standers, we confuse the students on how a classroom is run. If one teacher is at the low spectrum of technology use and another teacher is at the high spectrum, the students will be confused if those two classes were to switch one day.

For example, one student ISTE standard says “Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively”. This standard would be hard to implant in the class where the teacher uses no electronics.

Another example from the ISTE teacher standards rather than the student standards is ” Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital age”. The teacher that doesn’t exhibit any use of electronics in her classroom isn’t really following this standard. This standard is set so that the “Digital Natives” can learn the way they will have been learning all their lives, electronically.

These standards are here to help all teachers be on the same page when teaching their “Digital Native” students. Its difficult being a teacher who didn’t grow in the digital era to teach kids who grew up in the digital era. We as older teachers don’t understand what they are going through. These standards help up as educators connect with students so that they feel comfortable learning from us as much as we need to feel comfortable teaching them.

Remember the next time you plan a lesson, try and put your mind in the child’s shoes. Will this lesson help you connect to a “Digital Native”? Will it be engaging for them? Think about it.


2 thoughts on “Is there really a need for Standards?

  1. Your narrative style of writing fits well with blogging, so I’d urge you to continue with it. You are a good writer and it shows.

    My suggestion for this one is to consider adding a few more hyperlinks to evidence or other resources that you may come across that are connected to the standards- that will ensure this post is even more helpful to you down the road when you have your own classroom. Are there any other resources that you came across (either in class or on your own) connected to blogging that you think would be useful?

    As you now have a readership, think about how they might use your blog as a gateway to other resources. Excellent start.


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